4 Groups Aiding Australian Online Casino Gamers Avoid Addiction

Blog Post - 4 Groups Aiding Australian Online Casino Gamers Avoid Addiction

In Australia, the 2017 Interactive Gambling Amendment (IGA) Bill has ensured that online casino gamers can relish the safest and best games that online gambling portals offer. The digital gambling regulation also consisted of additional precautions, upholding responsible gambling. Plus, the 2017 IGA Bill involves the punishment of illegal Australian casino portals.

With the revised gambling law, you can feel sure that you can safely engage in online casino games wherever you are in Australia. As an online casino gamer, you can enjoy your amusing pastime 24/7 or whenever you are free. However, there are many of your kind who suffers from the hazards of digital gambling. Gambling addiction commonly ensues. Four organizations are well aware of this social problem, and they are making their services widely available to Australian digital casino gamers to curb the prevalent gambling addiction dilemma.

4 Institutions That Help Australian Gamers Fight Gambling Addiction

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Online casino gamers are increasing in number, similar to the trend of digital casinos mushrooming on the Internet with promising bonuses nowadays. The easy access to online gambling portals is undoubtedly worth celebrating for digital pleasure-seekers. But it also comes with problems such as gambling addiction.

The following groups advocate for responsible gaming. Their mission is to provide particular assistance and guidance to online casino gamers and other individuals who may feel affected by problem gambling.

1) Gamblers Anonymous

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Website: www.gaaustralia.org.au

Gamblers Anonymous conducts roughly 130 free meetings weekly Australia-wide. This group has offices in New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland.

It aims to help gambling addicts and their family members, friends, acquaintances, or partners address gambling addiction or problem gambling. Gamblers Anonymous is reachable via e-mail and phone.

2) Gam-Anon for Casino Gamers


Website: www.gam-anon.org

Gam-Anon International Service Office, Incorporated is a New York, USA-based organization that aims to offer help and comfort to individuals impacted by another person's gambling addiction dilemma.

This group helps you to understand the nature of compulsive gambling and its effect on people's existence. Also, Gam-Anon utilizes its “Steps and Tools of the Gam-Anon” program, nurturing their participants' emotional and spiritual recovery and growth.

3) Gambling Help Online Casino Gamers

Online casino gamer help

Website: www.gamblinghelponline.org.au

Gambling Help Online is a service that complements and boosts the ranges of services available in addressing gambling addiction as a social problem.

The group offers Australians with a whole new chance of accessing information and counseling services when they feel reluctant to or cannot access face-to-face services in their areas.

Gambling Help Online offers expert advice from professional counselors. Also, individuals can avail of the free, 24/7 e-mail and chat counseling and support, telephone support, and more essential details on their website.

4) Lifeline Australia

Online casino gamer lifeline

Website: www.lifeline.org.au

Lifeline Australia is a national charity offering assistance to all Australians during moments of emotional torment. This organization provides people access to 24-hour crisis support. Online casino gamers who may suffer from gambling addiction can reach out to Lifeline Australia via phone, text message, or live chat.

Gambling addiction is undoubtedly an alarming social problem. Online casino gamers may find their favorite pastime addicting. Also, they can become unable to control their compulsion that their loved ones get affected adversely.

But through the presence of these four organizations, today's online gaming fans can achieve the responsible gaming ideal. Their websites, 24-hour, toll-free phone numbers, e-mail, and live chat support make the attainment of a mentally healthy society within reach.

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