5 Casino-Themed Songs Will Spice Up Your Online Gaming Sessions

Blog Post - 5 Casino-Themed Songs Will Spice Up Your Online Gaming Sessions

Online casino gaming is undoubtedly an exciting leisure activity. Winning real cash prizes and experiencing casino euphoria and enjoyment are surely worth looking forward to for you as an online casino gamer. But are you aware that your digital gambling sessions will be more thrilling with casino-themed songs playing in the background?

Discover five popular songs in this online discussion that deal with enigmatic gamblers, the ace of spades, and daredevil casino gamers. These musical compositions are among the best gambling-themed tunes ever written. You can relish your digital casino-gaming moments more as these fantastic songs feature lyrics that focus on the games of chance and bets. They will undoubtedly inspire and thrill you, place you in the mood to play online casino games, and make you take pleasure in taking digital gaming chances.

5 Casino-Themed Songs That Will Boost Your Online Gaming Enthusiasm

Casino songs

The following five musical compositions feature well-known musicians giving vibrant life to them. Listening to these casino-themed songs will undoubtedly put you in the mood for more online casino-gaming action.

  1. “Casino Boogie” by The Rolling Stones

Are you ready to have an excellent time playing online casino games with the catchy “Casino Boogie” by The Rolling Stones? You will surely feel more enthusiastic about playing more online casino games as this 1972 popular song features a thrilling boogie and blues-rock feel to it. Also, you may find yourself singing and dancing along with this famous song.

  1. “Waking Up in Vegas” by Katy Perry

walking up in vegas

Pop star Katy Perry sang “Waking Up in Vegas.” This famous pop-rock tune got released in 2009. You will enjoy and relate to this casino-themed song, which features the famous line, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

  1. “Deuces Are Wild” by Aerosmith

In 1994, “Deuces Are Wild” got released and stimulated casino aficionados. Famous American band Aerosmith breathed pulsating life to this hard rock tune, which is a component of their album titled, “Big Ones.” “Deuces Are Wild” focuses on a young woman whose “deuces are wild,” the metaphorical video poker card that can make any combination complete.

  1. “Viva Las Vegas” by Elvis Presley

viva las vegas

Millennial online casino fans may feel unfamiliar with “Viva Las Vegas,” but this tune by Elvis Presley is a must-listen.

The King of Rock and Roll made this casino-themed song famous in 1963, which was also a part of his movie's soundtrack with the same title.

The motion picture project featured Elvis playing as a racecar driver attempting to win sufficient money to purchase himself of a new car.

“Viva Las Vegas” garnered critical acclaim that other famous musicians such as Engelbert Humperdinck, Dolly Parton, and ZZ Top performed their cover versions.

  1. “Ace of Spades” by Motorhead

ace of spades

Online casino fans will surely get fired up and want to spend more of their leisure time playing digital casino games with “Ace of Spades” playing in the background.

This speed metal tune is by Motorhead, and it gained immense popularity in 1980. The British heavy metal band's song featured lead vocalist Lemmy roaring, “The only card you need is the ace of spades.”

These five casino-themed songs are undoubtedly worthy of your time to listen to, especially their lyrics and fascinating beats. They will make you inspired to enjoy your digital casino-gaming sessions and win big bonanza of cash.

Have a marvelous time listening to casino-themed songs and playing online casino games today!

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